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Discover new chord 
progressions and

Discover new chord
progressions and

Discover new chord progressions
and melodies.






Analyze chord

The “Writer’s block” killer

We inspire your songwriting with easy to use tools that guide you to discover
new musical ideas.


major keys | secondary dominants | modal interchange
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Dark harmony

minor keys | secondary diminished | neapolitan chords
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The Pack

Progressions + Dark harmony.
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Progressions [PIANO]

major keys | secondary dominants | modal interchange

Dark harmony [PIANO]

minor keys | secondary diminished | neapolitan chords

The Songwriter's Pack [PIANO]

Progressions + Dark harmony

Ukulele edition
is here!

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Progressions [UKULELE]

major keys | secondary dominants | modal interchange

Dark harmony [UKULELE]

minor keys | secondary diminished | neapolitan chords

The Songwriter's Pack [UKULELE]

Progressions + Dark harmony.

How to use

We show you the possibilities, you be creative.

1. Slide to desired key.

2. Pick any chord from the middle box.

3. Move UP or DOWN for more complex 
progressions and follow the arrows.

Advance chord/scale diagrams so you
can see the chords in context.

Use them to embellish your chords or 
compose a melody.

Hear the examples

Loved by musicians

  • A very easy to use and intuitive guide, it's helped my understanding of chord progressions quite a bit.
    Very cool execution!!

    @Richard Kassab
  • A nice device for writing songs or just being creative. 
    Thank you so much!

    @Thomas Ibe
  • Just received the new @chordfiles and it took me 2min to come up with this modal chord progression! What do you think?
    Chords: Fmaj7 Am9 Ab#11 C7sus4

  • Insane work by chord_files!

  • So excited this has arrived!
    Such an incredible product from a new up and coming brand, looking forward to putting this to good use.

  • Huge shout out to Jaka & Ksenija over at @chordfiles for the delivery of
    their wicked innovative songwriting tool! The personal letter for the purchase and the handwritten signature is a touch of class,
    really looking forward to writing fresh new tunes with this wicked little thing!!

  • Received a beautiful object from @chordfiles today.
    Well designed and made. Looking forward to starting to use it with my upcoming projects.

  • chord_files ist der perfekte Weg interessante Akkordkombinationen schnell zu finden.
    Durch die einfache visuelle Darstellung bietet es sich auch super zum unterrichten an. Ob Anfänger oder Profi, ein Must-have für jeden Gitarristen.

  • Use it "live" in impro theatre shows!

  • L'utilisation est simple, de nouvelles idées fusent, j'adore !!!

  • Just brilliant, easy to use and like a new world for songwriting!

  • With this unique product you could write unique chord progressions, without any knowledge of music theory.

  • Excited to start using this tool!

  • Having a mess around with my @chordfiles that arrived on Friday. I've already come up with a bunch of beautiful sequences. This thing is a real writers block killer. Kudos to Jaka and Ksenija.

  • Uno strumento davvero utile, sia per insegnare che per comporre. Consiglio ai musicisti di ogni livello di procurarsene uno!

  • Shoutout to fellow amazing guitarist Jaka Zaletelj that designed this wonderful educational & songwriting tool!!!

  • Great tool to discover new chord progressions & melodies

  • Very nice!


Approved by the Pros

Created for guitarists & songwriters of all levels.

Tadej Košir

Recording artist, Muff, SonicTribe …


Primož Grašič

Jazz guitarist, producer, teacher


Igor Bezget

Jazz guitarist, composer


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Complex musical concepts packed
into an easy-to-use tools that every
musician can use.
We show you the possibilities,
you be creative.

~ Jaka Zaletelj
jazz guitarist, teacher, author

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“Great tool for learning, teaching or composing. 
Appropriate for musicians of all levels. I recommend!:)”

~ Tadej Košir

“Very innovative!
I like the simple visual depiction of the links between chords. Featured aren’t just the basic chords, but also more complex musical concepts, which we unfortunately rarely hear in popular music, such as secondary dominants and modal interchange. Additionally, the back of the card contains chord diagrams with corresponding scale tones. There really is a lot of useful information “packaged” into one card. I will definitely recommend chord_files to my students and colleagues. In my opinion, this card should be part of every guitar case!”

~ Primož Grašič

“A great tool that introduces a wide array of possibilities for combining chords, 
which you can safely use in chord progressions…
An exceptional tool for creating and understanding chord and harmonic structures,
which frequently represent the basis of melodic progressions.”

~ Igor Bezget

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